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Podcast - Melanoma Heart

Welcome to my podcast, Melanoma Heart.  I invite you to join me as I navigate living with stage 4 melanoma.  I hope to raise awareness of this cancer and to show that living with a terminal illness does not have to be a sad story.

Following initially the acronym, M.E.L.A.N.O.M.A.  I will introduce you to some of my friends as we have heart  to heart chats dealing with life and cancer.  As we share heartfelt moments over a wine or a coffee they will ask me how I deal with my illness.

Me and my heart have been on some adventures, come along for more as I make every moment count.  Laugh and cry with me as I face normal life aspects from a different perspective.

Starting with M for Motherhood.....

Videos for each Podcast are available on my YouTube Channel Melanoma Heart:

M for Motherhood

M for Motherhood

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