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Vickie’s medication is unfunded by Pharmac and the family are therefore self -funding Dabrafenib and Trametinib (BRAF Inhibitors – manufactured by Novartis).

The medication costs $5,500.00 per prescription and is required approximately every 33 days.

Melanoma Heart Trust has been established to receive any money raised for Vickie’s treatment/medical costs and to distribute as required to pay for the medication and any associated costs relating to her treatment and medical condition. This relieves some of the pressures on the family and enables them to use their own salaries to pay for living (and enjoyment) costs separately
to drug funding.

A new Give a Little page is in place for 2023 as the page for 2022 has expired.  The link to the NZ page is below.


The trustees of the Melanoma Heart Trust are Alison Manners and Sarah Milne:-

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Direct Bank Payment:

Melanoma Heart Trust Bank Account:-ANZ


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Crowd Funding:

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Donation to the family directly:

If you would like to make a donation directly to the family for their own enjoyment please contact us for account details

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